Cinco De Mayo

So it is Cinco De Mayo today and I never knew about this until 2 years ago while filming Breaking Amish LA they had a Day planned for me and my Husband to go spend the day at a Cinco De Mayo Festival type thing. I got a Face painting and we had a few margaritas and then we continued on to eat some amazing Mexican food.

Tonight we will be going out to eat at our Favorite Mexican Restaurant and just enjoy some chips and salsa and since I can’t drink my Love will drink a Corona with lime for me as well.

A lot of you also don’t know that my Grandmother came to the US and raised her brother and sister on her own. She then married my Grandfather and they had 2 children. My Aunt Rhonda and my Dad. So I have about 1/8 Mexican Blood in me:)

Before you all get bored I will sign off and I Hope you all have had A Wonderful Cinco De Mayo Day! God Bless!


A lesson about Dogs and Personalities

I have 2 very spoiled little dogs. Snoopy is 5 and sparky is 4. They both have very different personalities and are quite the opposite of one another.

Sparky is more rambunctious and full of energy while snoopy is a lazy and more laid back type of dog. Sparky loves to run and have fun and snoopy is to lazy to even watch 🙂

I love them both very much but sometimes I feel like a mom with 2 kids that just happened to have fur and 4 legs.

They know how to get on my nerves and they also know when I’m sad and need attention.

Since I’m pregnant Snoopy wont move from my side while Sparky is all about dad and don’t care much for mom. I’m ok with that but snoopy is worse then cling wrap now days. 🙂

The point here is we have all kinds of people in this world and they are all different. You just have to get to know peoples personalities and Love Them for Who They Really Are!

Thanks for Reading and Have A Fabulous Day!

Hello Friends!

I started this Blog because I love to type out my feelings and everything about my life and whatever I’m going through. I’m hoping my Blog will cheer you up and give you something to look forward to in your life.

I am also A stay at home wife and we are Expecting our First Baby in October so stay tuned for updates about that as well. Well I’m going to hop off here for now but stay tuned for more Great things that are coming up:)

Thanks for Reading have A Great Day!